Tue, Aug 10 | Attend by Zoom videoconferencing or phone.

2021.08 Webinar

No matter how well our life is going, we all realize to some degree that the sword of Damocles, the possibility of failure or disaster or doom, hangs by a thread over our happy life.
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2021.08 Webinar

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Aug 10, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT
Attend by Zoom videoconferencing or phone.

About the Event

The sword of Damocles represents the possibility that disaster or doom may befall us at any moment. Though the original myth implied loss of life, adversity doesn’t always have to be about catastrophic loss. Our losses might be simple failures or setbacks in health, relationships or employment, but they can be major declines in wealth, power and social status.

Implied in the notion that we could suffer a setback at any moment is anxiety about the possible loss of what we have. Anxiety falls on a spectrum from minor worrying to an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Anxiety about the future keeps us from enjoying fully the good life that we have and blocks us from unfolding our full potential. However, though we have only some control over our fate, we have considerable potential for managing our anxiety.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the sword hanging over our life and see how our anxiety is keeping us from happiness and progress. We’ll identify specific things we worry about and check in to see if possibly unrecognized anxiety or dread are diminishing our joy and wellbeing.

In the Group Clearing® session, we'll remove the sword of Damocles and clear the anxiety that haunts us to unfurl our Creative Intelligence for a happier, more productive future.

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  • 2021.08 Webinar

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