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About David Sands

Retired medical doctor and practitioner of Ayurveda

My Professional Life

My whole professional life has been about WellBEING. I started counseling hardcore heroine addicts, then went to medical school and residency. I learned many things in twenty-five years of medical practice, the most important of which was that I wasn’t getting at the root of people’s problems. After retiring from medical practice, I became a professional yogi, meditating as a participant in Maharishi’s Invincible America Assembly in Fairfield, Iowa. This cleared away the stresses and strains of my medical career. I had no thought of starting another career. However, I recognized that as a physician, I had become a problem-solver. Every time I saw a patient, I quickly sized up the situation, ruled out complications or a condition more serious than the obvious one, and developed a treatment plan or strategy to manage my patient’s problem. A part of me didn’t want to ignore my capacity for solving problems.

Then, while sitting quietly one day, I realized that I could help people by enlivening the energy/intelligence of Nature. The energy/intelligence of Nature exists everywhere as a field underlying the whole universe. I thought that I could enliven that energy/intelligence simply by putting my attention on it. I tried this out on a variety of folks. Most of them found that they soon felt better and that many specific concerns improved or disappeared quickly. I monitored progress by reading clients’ pulses in the way that Ayurvedic physicians in India do — by placing my fingers on the artery in the wrist. Nothing I had done previously changed pulses as rapidly as the energy-field techniques I used. And the changes “stuck,” bringing fulfillment to my desire to help people on their journey toward complete WellBEING.

Finding an efficient, effective way to increase WellBEING

I’m a person who likes efficiency and thoroughness. These qualities helped make me a good doctor. Now they make me effective in energy work. The techniques I use work quickly and thoroughly so that people rapidly enjoy increased WellBEING. It’s very gratifying.

One frustration I had in medical practice was the resistance some people showed toward gaining WellBEING. Now, the energy-field and other techniques I use assure that people are prepared to improve their WellBEING. These techniques remove the energetic blocks—the fear of changin
g the story of suffering—that interferes with one’s natural ability to heal and live a vital life. Once someone is ready to really live WellBEING, we can proceed on our journey to WellBEING by balancing the energy-field.

Enlivening one’s inner energy/intelligence

Everyone and everything in the universe is really just energy. That energy is intelligent; it creates and governs every person and every object. By operating from the level of Nature’s intelligence, change can be affected efficiently and effectively at all levels of existence—thinking, emotions, perceptions and the physical body. Restoration of balance in the expression of Nature’s inner intelligence happens dynamically and holistically when I put attention on your imbalances—the places where your energy is out of balance. I have acquired numerous tools for facilitating this transformation, but ultimately, it’s the intelligence of Nature that restores balance in your energy field. There’s a spontaneity in this work. It’s not done cognitively, with the mind. It’s done entirely intuitively. Nature’s intelligence operates through my awareness on your imbalances. Attention is required for transformation and balance to occur naturally, spontaneously, so I just examine your field with my subtle senses, and let your energy return to a normal state.

Forming a Partnership for WellBEING

Think of this in contrast to a physical approach where a therapist does something to a client. I form a partnership with people to remove blocks and create balanced flow of energy/intelligence. Together, we put our attention on WellBEING. Nature does all the work. We function on the level of our pure existence, our innermost Self, the level of BEING. Shifting our attention to that level and experiencing unimpeded flow of energy/intelligence, we enjoy a state of WellBEING. I write “WellBEING” in this way to indicate that wellness is based on Being. Living in a state of unimpeded flow of Nature’s intelligence, which governs one’s thoughts, feelings and actions, gives the experience of bliss becoming blissful. Life flows effortlessly and enjoyably. Such a life is deeply fulfilling.

An invitation

I invite you to enhance your state of WellBEING by working with me as a partner to easily, effectively and quickly removing the energetic, cognitive and lifestyle blocks to the full expression of Nature’s inner energy/intelligence. Please request a free trial to discuss a plan for our partnership.

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