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A Three-Session Energy-Field Detoxification and Rejuvenation Program to Restart Your Body's Operating System

Here’s the program to restore your vitality and WellBEING.

When your computer crashes, it’s time to reboot. We can say the same thing when a person “crashes.” My “Reboot” program settles a frazzled nervous system, leaving one calm and clear. Reboot corrects the energy underlying one’s worries, fears, frustrations, lethargy, and general overload. It works with the “misinformation” in a person’s energy field, correcting disturbances in one’s energy from karmic misdeeds or from impressions due to trauma in this or past lives.

Session One:  Press the REBOOT Button for Purification/Detoxification

We clear out accumulated toxic impressions, stresses and strains.

This first step comprises a comprehensive energy-field purification procedure developed by Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics®). He calls it Master Harmonic Resonance Technology®. It’s useful for removing toxic energy patterns (sometimes called morphic fields or torsion fields) created by physical, mental, emotional and environmental influences. We clear the patterns that are making you tired, frazzled, confused, upset or even sick.

Example of a Frazzled Client

A middle-aged woman called in tears. She said she was overwhelmed by financial problems, work requirements and a housing crisis. She felt anxious, had restricted breathing, difficulty sleeping and her blood pressure was sky high. Our sessions quickly restored her equanimity. Her blood pressure came down, she could think clearly and she started to find effective solutions for her many challenges.

Session Two: REFRESH the Screen to Unfold a new vision of yourself in a beautiful world.
We find new directions and chart a new course for your life.
In this step, we remove impressions from ancestors, past lives, parallel universes and other dimensions, freeing your life from the blockages created by these influences. We also clear limiting beliefs and attitudes. We gather together any fragments of your self and integrate your energy so you can work and play, even sleep, feeling fully vital and alert. We also check specifically for any energy patterns that cause resistance to change. We harmonize all these patterns using Ho’oponopono and techniques from Matrix Energetics.
From a Client

"The sessions with Dr. Sands were deep, profound, very powerful and fun! I left feeling very good even after coming in a bit 'wound-up.' The bliss was wonderful! Thank you, thank you."—JS

Session Three:  DEBUG Your Body’s Operating System Code

Tidy up unfinished business.

We look for any bits of energy (bugs) in your field that aren’t contributing to your WellBEING. We rejuvenate your energy so that life can be lived productively and joyfully.

As with all energy-field approaches, you don’t have to be present in the room with me. We can work remotely because the energy-field is holographic, meaning that all information is everywhere in the field.

A 3-session program costs $250. For long-standing (chronic) conditions, additional sessions may be necessary.

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