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A Program to Remove Toxic Energy and even Real Bugs and Vermin from One’s Body, from Buildings or from Land

Here’s the program to clean up "bad" energy in buildings, to find structural flaws, and to remove bugs and vermin from bodies, buildings or tracks of land. 

In computer-speak, “bugs” are flaws in computer program code. “Bugs” spoil the proper functioning of computer system software or a computer program. Programmers have to “debug” programs they design so that they work properly. My “Debug” program gets the bugs out, energetically, from your physical body, your home or place of work, even your car, boat or other vehicle. Also, a shield can be installed to protect against bugs getting back in or to block effects of environmental influences such as EMF.

Goal of a Debug Session:  Locate the Cause of Your Bug Problem and Remove the Bugs

Identify and remove "bad" energy and/or physical bugs from your body, the buildings you live or work in, and/or from your vehicles, or find untoward effects from the environment, then, harmonize your energy and place a protective shield to block the environmental effect.

To evaluate your bug problem, we conduct a thorough examination of your energy field. We identify and remove toxic energy patterns (sometimes called morphic fields or torsion fields) created by physical, mental, emotional and environmental influences. We clear these patterns that are making you fatigued, weak or chronically ill.

Example: Cleaning Damaging Energy from a Home

A client was too sick to come to my office, so I went to his home. My attention went immediately to an area near his bookcases. The energy there was dark, thick and very heavy. I knew I couldn't help his bodily energy until I had removed this dark influence. Clearing this energy took about twenty minutes. When it was gone, the house felt much lighter and seemed physically brighter.

As our work progresses, we remove impressions from ancestors, past lives, parallel universes and other dimensions, freeing your life from the blockages created by these influences. We also clear curses and the influences of entities, whether they be intentional or incidental. When working with foreign energy, we clear the karma that blocks you from experiencing a state of WellBEING. We effectively rejuvenate your energy so that life can be lived productively and joyfully.

A 3-session program costs $250. For long-standing (chronic) conditions, additional sessions may be necessary.


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