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Clear the Cache

Our monthly webinar to boost your experience of WellBEING

Seeking better health or greater happiness?

Attend our monthly Presentation and Group Clearing® webinar.

This program uses the power of intention in a field of collective consciousness to clear disinformation from each participant's energy field.

When a web browser slows down or has trouble loading pages, one solution is to clear its cache. When we are sick or stressed out or unhappy, clearing our mind helps us to heal or to get a grip and find solutions to our problems. "Clear the Cache" uses the power of a group holding a healing intention to transform disinformation quickly and thoroughly.

Clear the Cache is offered once a month as a webinar. Attend in person in Fairfield, IA or remotely via Internet videoconferencing or by phone.

The power of a group — of group consciousness — is well known. The study of power in physics provides an explanation. Sources of energy, such a loudspeakers, put out a certain amount of energy apiece. If the sources are spread out, the power is simply the sum of the power of each unit (loudspeaker). But if the units are close together, the power is the square of the number of units. This principle appears to work for collective consciousness. The power of a group is related to the square of the number of participants. My experience of working in groups confirms this.

Experience of a Group Clearing Session

"My experience during the last session was subtle, and afterwards I felt optimistic about my difficult circumstance being resolved. I have a new attitude about it now, which is helping to relieve the concern about it."—Anonymous

The process of a Group Clearing session is very simple. At the beginning of a session, each participant thinks of what they would like to see change in their life. They also envision what their life would be like when transformed—they conceive of a transformed state holding a greater sense of WellBEING and wellness. Then everyone just relaxes into a quiet state, no longer attending what each person wants to change or even to the desired outcome. The act of intention itself stimulates the process of transformation. During the session, Nature’s Intelligence in all its forms, which manifests as our natural tendency to heal, works to produce the desired change. My role is to keep the intention for transformation lively throughout the session.

Experience of a Group Clearing Session

"I was filled with great peace that rose gently during the session, but then continued to surround me afterwards, and still does. Thank you very much!"—Anonymous

During a Group Clearing session, most people experience a deep settling into their self-referral consciousness, that is, into pure consciousness, without specific expectations. Everyone has some thoughts, which are usually rather random and insignificant. It’s best not to pay any attention to what floats through one’s mind during a Group Clearing session. Some people experience bodily sensations. Occasionally, people feel restless or uncomfortable as shifts occur in their energy field. This usually passes quickly. After a session, people report feeling quiet, relaxed and at ease.

Benefits from a Group Clearing session tend to show up in the next day or two. I ask people to notice what is different. What’s different may not be the specific thing desired, but whatever shows up will be desirable. It’s very important not to put attention on what feels the same. If we look for what hasn't changed, holding the expectation that what makes us unhappy will persist, we'll find it. This prevents the transformation from completing so things remain in or return to their unhappy state.

Experience of a Group Clearing Session

"I have attended multiple Group Clearing events given by Dr. Sands. I find each presentation uplifting and useful. My experience during the clearing has been different for each event. Apparently whatever needs attention that day is addressed. I am in a space of deep silence accompanied by energetic activity in various areas of my body. During this last event there were strong sensations in my head, solar plexus, and chest – particularly the heart area. I required additional sleep that night. The last few hours were semi-awake – feeling the integration in my back and chest. We are blessed to have a person of such great integrity and high level of consciousness doing healing work in our community."—DC

Because the universal energy field is holographic, all information is everywhere. Therefore, one can participate wherever one happens to be. We'll connect via a webinar service so that you can view and listen to the presentation, and hear the instructions and guidance during the Group Clearing. For best results, just sit comfortably and close your eyes while the Group Clearing session takes place. Then, over the next couple days, notice what is different. Please send me your experiences. The feedback is invaluable.

Clear the Cache, a Presentation and Group Clearing® webinar, costs $39. These webinars are usually offered on the second Tuesday evening of a month. You can attend in person, via Internet videoconferencing or by phone.


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