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Beta Test

A Program to Assess the Suitability of Gems and Amulets

Purchasing a gem?

Already wearing a gem or amulet?

Did you just inherit some gems?

Here's the program to find out if the gems and amulets you own or are thinking to purchase are beneficial for you.

Computer programers have to beta test or try out the software that they write in order to see if it works in real situations. As most computer programs consist of many thousands or even millions of lines of code that perform many operations, programers have to let users try it out in the real world, a beta test, before the program is actually sold to users. I can help you "try out" your gems and amulets by checking to see if they produce positive energetic effects.

Goal of a Beta Test Session:  Check the suitability of gems and amulets and determine where they should be worn

Every gem or amulet has energetic effects. A gem may be pretty, but is it good for you? Here’s a way to find out.

To evaluate your gems and amulets, we evaluate their effects on your energy-field. When we test multiple objects, we cross check their effects in combinations. For example, a gem may sit best on your index finger when tested alone, but in combination with another gem, it may work best on another finger. Here are two real world examples:

As with all energy-field approaches, you don’t have to be present in the room with me. We can work remotely because the energy-field is holographic, meaning that all information is everywhere in the field. We can conduct a session via Internet videoconferencing or telephone.

We can evaluate one or more gems and amulets in a single session.

Example: Assessing a Birthstone

A client phoned, asking me to help him decide which of two gems to purchase. I asked him to pass each gem over his fingers, first one hand, then the other. I was able to tell him which stone was most effective and on which finger he should wear it. As it happened, the less expensive stone proved to be the best, confirming the opinion of another person with this ability.

Example: Assessing Multiple Gems

A client asked me to help her determine how to wear two gems she had purchased. I passed each gem over her fingers to determine which finger the gem should sit on. It turned out that both stones liked the same finger. However, when I tested them together, it turned out that one stone preferred the left hand and the other the right. I also determined that the combination was better than each stone individually.

Beta Test Gem Assessment costs $40 for 1 to 2 gems, and $75 for 3 or more gems.


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