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WellBEING is Your Journey

One way of expressing the purpose of life is as a process of growth resulting in ever more WellBEING.
Growth of WellBEING is a journey that requires adaptability, creativity, courage and many skills.

A Partnership for Your WellBEING


A partnership means working together. The purpose of our partnership is to banish misery and open ourselves to greater happiness, emotional stability, richer relationships and wellness.
Working together, we find the simplest, most direct path.
Experience of the most fundamental level of one’s existence—BEING—brings fulfillment to one’s journey—WellBEING.

WellBEING means wellness of mind–body–spirit based on pure consciousness or BEING.

About David Sands

David Sands practiced medicine for many decades, earning a reputation as an excellent diagnostician and problem-solver. After retiring, he wanted to continue to help people solve their problems.

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Location doesn't matter.

We can work remotely via phone or Internet videoconferencing.

Specializing in resolving significant challenges to your WellBEING.

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