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Parallel Processors

A program to strengthen and nourish the bond we have with any significant person in our life.

Here’s the program to rapidly restore peace and harmony in your significant relationships.

Just as computer chips have two or more processors that function as an integrated unit, we function as a unit in our intimate relationships with spouses, parents, children, siblings, etc. Working with the spiritual bond between two (or more) people, we smooth and strengthen the relationship, elevating it to its cosmic potential for eternal mutual support and nourishment.

"Parallel Processors" is a completely different approach to dealing with tensions, strains and differences in our most important relationships. We work directly with the spiritual bond that exists in every significant relationship. We find the cosmic purpose of the relationship. We explore what the relationship truly means to us. We develop what's underneath the conflict, confusion and noise in the day-to-day relationship and bring to attention the essence of our connection.

No matter how much heat or coldness there is in a relationship, there is a bond between the unhappy parties. Even when there is physical abuse or neglect, there is a powerful, meaningful connection. Unmet needs driving tragic behavior may seem to demand attention, but attending to the core connection, the spiritual bond, is the direct way to quickly restore peace and harmony.

There's an analogy from the Vedic tradition that explains this neatly. If you are in a dark room, it seems that there is no solution to not being able to see your way. But if you simply turn on a light, the darkness vanishes and you can find your way out. Working directly, on the energetic level, with the bond between people is like turing on a light in a dark room. Everything suddenly becomes clearer and the way forward becomes easier. Pain and resentment, even hatred and bitterness dissolve. Domestic tranquility and tender regard return. Love blossoms again and nourishes every aspect of the relationship.

No matter how hopeless your situation seems. No matter how much your just want that person out of your life, no matter how scary reconciliation may seem, working on the subtle, energetic level is the safe, painless way to find what you’ve lost and even forgotten. So, why hesitate? Sign up for a "Parallel Processors" program now.

We can work remotely via Internet videoconferencing of telephone.

For problems resulting from severe emotional and/or physical trauma, multiple sessions may be necessary.

Example of Working with a Couple

A woman was concerned that something inside her was wanting her husband to be sick. When I looked into their bond, I found that she cared very much, worried a lot, and that this was keeping both of them sick. By processing the bond between their heart chakra, she released her fear and he released his pain from a challenging childhood, pain that produced lifelong sadness, insecurity and sickness. With our collective attention on the marital bond, the transformational process took just minutes, leaving both feeling very relaxed and deeply connected.”

A single session is $125. A 3-session program costs $250. For very complicated relationship issues, additional sessions may be necessary.


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