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What clients are saying about David Sands and Partnership for WellBEING


David Sands was a tremendous help when I was going through a serious health crisis. Having experienced many modalities over the years, I found his approach to wellbeing by far the most effective. When the consultation was over I always left feeling uplifted and with a great sense of peace and serenity after each session. I highly recommend him because of that.

— MD

The way that you've taught me is so incredible. I completely see now what you were talking about. I think a lot of systems fail because they always "try" to change the feeling or go in with the intention of transformation…. Acceptance just quickly resolves [the negative feeling] without having to try. I'm so happy we got so much stuff cleared out to where I can do this much smoother [on my own]. Thanks, David!

— CB

I have attended multiple Group Clearing events given by Dr. Sands. I find each presentation uplifting and useful. My experience during the clearing has been different for each event. Apparently whatever needs attention that day is addressed. I am in a space of deep silence accompanied by energetic activity in various areas of my body. During this last event there were strong sensations in my head, solar plexus, and chest – particularly the heart area. I required additional sleep that night. The last few hours were semi-awake – feeling the integration in my back and chest. We are blessed to have a person of such great integrity and high level of consciousness doing healing work in our community.

— DC

Thank you so much, David, you saved me from a great deal of acute pain! You also clarified the area in my physiology that caused the acute pain. This clarity allows me to take preventative actions for the underlying chronic problem that has plagued me my entire life. I feel I am on the way to clearing up this life-long problem with your energetic help.

— Anonymous

Hi, David, This is working. The shift has been VERY noticeable since we worked on Thursday… I've never experienced this with any healer or through any technique. I'm blown away, to be honest.After our first session, I've come to realize that I'm not sick. Rather, there are deep patterns and thoughts that are keeping my adrenal glands on overdrive. I've never seen it this clearly, but it all makes sense now. I guess I thought I cleared a lot of this stuff out, but after seeing how deep you were able to work, I'm realizing that this stuff is still very much running in the background.

— CB

I wanted to write about the way I felt one evening after we had done a personal healing session.
After our session, I went and did my usual TM practice, then had something to eat. It was early evening, so I went for a walk and then made a trip to the grocery store. As I was walking around, I realized that I felt totally unhurried. I also felt no anxiety to have to be anywhere else. My brain felt lighter and clearer than it had in a very long time, and, consequently, my body felt the same way. Of course, after all this, I felt happier and 'fuller' than I had in quite some time.Thank you so much for helping me have this beautiful experience.

— PR

I have seen David Sands a few times for various issues and I have been very happy with the results. Three years ago, I was experiencing considerable anxiety about a personal matter, and that was relieved after a single consultation with David.
Two weeks ago, I saw David to get assistance with chronic headaches. This had been a longstanding problem, dating back to the mid 70′s. Recently, I experienced them 4- 5 times per week. With just a single session, they have been reduced to only a couple of times per week and are milder than before.David's work is extremely subtle, yet very powerful. I feel I am getting my life back. Thank you, David!

— JB

David's advanced energy-healing training has led him into new energetic realms and healing methodologies whose effectiveness gives him obvious, profound delight and wonder. I believe his advanced healing sensitivities enable diagnoses and healings that are far more fluid than [another form of energy work]. During my individual and group healing sessions with him, his attention seems to gently and quietly flow as needed to heal emotional, mental and karmic blocks, whether from this lifetime and planet or earlier ones. I felt deep yet easy releases, almost imperceptible and never uncomfortable, that left me feeling lighter, freer, more balanced, peaceful, self-attuned, in harmony with Nature and supported by Her.

— DM

David Sands cleared my emotional blockage; sorrow became joy. So very grateful.

— DRH Published by the client in "The Fairfield Weekly Reader" Thursday, August 27, 2015

"I had some long standing, unresolved issues with people important to me, but after seeing Dr. Sands, these issues are gone, evaporated. Tinnitus and other health issues are significantly improved as well. Dr. Sands is amazingly efficient.

— P.D.

"David was able to hold a gentle neutral space while guiding self-healing, uncovering layers that are ready to fall away. His fine perception and intuition coaxed me to profound complexes within, where I was able to confront my own inherent wholeness. The session effectively cleared away physical malady and emotional blocks, and I was able to enjoy the expanse of great compassion that has remained with me as a new way of functioning. His patience, graciousness, and insight enable great transformation. Thank you!

— DS

David has been one of the most important and influential people in my life. No matter how hard I've worked, or how strong I've pushed, my life never yielded the results I wanted. A day late, a buck short… This has been a deep story for me, until I met David. Over the last ten years I have tried hundreds of different strategies, techniques, and disciplines for self healing and transformation. All the experts and gurus I've worked with have always fallen short in helping me to actually make my life better. Many of them had great concepts and track records, but for me, nothing seemed to fully help except David's work. David has been the most genuine and kind person through this transformation process. I fully trust him. He holds no agenda beyond just helping me get well, and his ability to be so humble while possessing such a massive power is a very rare find. I've been in such a challenged place for a very long time, stuck in ways that seemed impossible to break free from. Thanks to the support and partnership with David, I'm finally becoming free, it's actually happening now. I'm forever grateful.


I found David helpful in healing a physical issue. I was able to trust and relax immediately because he was trained as an MD and yet his work is entirely non-medical. He works from the level of energy, which is entirely painless and nourishing. It was fun and empowering because I participated in my healing by diving deep into myself with his intuitive facilitation.

— BD

​​I had a (traumatic) head injury, which resulted in a concussion, with symptoms of headaches, nausea, and disorientation.

After David's healing energy work, I noticed instant relief, as well as some overall good feeling. I experienced a reassuring sense of being well grounded, as well some reduction in headaches and nausea.I am grateful to David, for the work that he did.

— AE

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Dr. Sands helped me reconnect with my higher Self. During our sessions, I opened up to new experiences, and gained insights that changed the way I was behaving. In the past I had a glimpse of Pure Consciousness, that felt so big, so vast and overwhelming, that I was sure it couldn't be me. So, rather than lose myself in that Unboundedness, I identified with the more limited field of action, and stopped allowing my full potential. In doing that, negative emotions and difficulties came up, and it felt like that was the reality of my life. Working with Dr. Sands, I again had the experience of unbounded Pure Consciousness lively with all possibilities. It was so strong that it felt like the whole universe was roaring with uncontained energy. This time though, I was filled with joy at remembering that this was my true nature. I realized that I couldn't be overwhelmed by the liveliness because the liveliness was being created by me experiencing Pure Consciousness. It was like opening a door that had been closed, and now I am grateful to be letting in the energy, creativity, and happiness.

— Anonymous

I am so grateful for meeting David! He has helped me, guided me and has been a witness to transformation with myself, as I reconnected parts of my life that where disconnected. As a result, harmony and profound change has accrued instantly! David's intuitive guidance of grace is so helpful when working towards transformational change. He is a blessed soul that is making a difference on our planet, helping others to learn how to let go and receive, and noticing what is so different. I thank him dearly for his kind heart, knowledge and guidance. I am forever grateful! Blessings to you, David.

— Anonymous

Dr. Sands has a very soothing bedside manner. He uncovered some hidden ancestral tensions that were showing up as physical illness. Together, we found some myths that I was carrying that were diminishing my happiness. We also tapped into forgiveness of self and others that is an essential part of physical and emotional healing.

— Anonymous

"For more than a decade I've yearned for a skilled healer in our dear Fairfield community who might be able to miraculously transform the serious afflictions some of us are encountering. In recent years I've had many inspiring conversations about such healing with my good friend, David Sands. After retiring from practicing of medicine in Fairfield, he found he could heal people very quickly simply by working with information in the energetic field that underlies our minds, bodies and the whole universe. No doubt, David's knowledge of health and disease increases his effectiveness. I feel so heartened by the growth of David's proficiency and joy in healing that I want to share the news of his skill with loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers in need. If you or loved ones or friends (even pets) are feeling afflicted—whether life-threatening and physical or otherwise, including indecision, procrastination, unhappy emotions, and addictions to food, TV or the Internet—and you're dissatisfied with your outlook, please contact David and describe your concern. He'll tell you how, working in partnership with him, your wellbeing can be restored and even how long it may take. His fee is always fair and reasonable.

— DM

"My goal in working with David was a reduction in physical, mental and emotional pain. After several illuminating and startling sessions, I am now more relaxed and happy in my life than at any time in the past. David has a rare talent for accelerating self-awareness and inner healing that has enabled me to shoot ahead in my personal growth. My relationship with myself has become more positive and free. My personal relationships have become more satisfying. I am now able to meditate. I feel hope and happiness, wellbeing and joy on a consistent basis and I am very grateful. I would certainly support anyone's choice to avail themselves of David's time and talent to improve any aspect of THEIR life.

— MA

"I developed an autoimmune disease that my doctors said was progressive and life-threatening. It was at a very difficult time, both emotionally and physically. I was weak and could barely walk. My doctors prescribed many medicines and put me on the transplant list. In their minds, an organ transplant was inevitable. After my condition stabilized, I started working with David. After the first few sessions, I felt better, had more energy, and felt much more hopeful. Sessions with David truly helped me through this difficult time of my life. With my medical treatment, my faith, and Davids' sessions, I became me again. My medical condition improved. The damaged organ regenerated and laboratory test results returned to normal values, so my doctors took me off the transplant list. I can walk perfectly fine now. I can go up and down the stairs, and even dance. I'm thankful that David was put on my path of recovery, and I'm truly grateful for what we were able to accomplish!

— SA

I was in the hospital being treated for a serious viral encephalitis — a very difficult time — that left me weak, confused, barely able to communicate in words — could only get out the first two words of a sentence — and having painful headaches. A session with David Sands made a huge difference in my brain's ability to function, reduced my headache immediately, and improved my outlook for recovery. Another two or three visits each gave a noticeable boost to my impressive progress. My rehabilitation nurses, as well as various rehabilitation therapists, remarked on how rapidly I was recovering. I especially appreciated what I noticed after about the third session — that I was able to resume my full, advanced meditation program twice a day. I returned home to my regular routine and soon qualified to drive again. I can now also express complex ideas in complete sentences and paragraphs. I'm impressed with what a powerful effect this subtle energy work had, and I'm very grateful.

— DW

Sessions with David were deep, efficient and fun! He walks boldly and fearlessly into the cloud of my confusion, shines light on the conflicts I have created, and helps me manage them creatively. I feel lighter, clearer, and free. So grateful to have such a healer in Fairfield!

— RM [NOTE: You don't have to be present in the room with me. We can meet remotely just as successfully.]

Partnership for WellBEING is the best thing to come into my life in a very long time. After just the first few sessions, my whole focus shifted from wanting OUT (of misery) to wanting IN – to life, and all its dynamic, creative and joyful possibilities!
Now, after only one month, my energy levels are up; I am happier, more positive, more productive; my physical and emotional health are greatly improved and getting better every day. My family and friends are amazed and delighted by these dramatic changes. Many of them are looking forward to working with Dr. Sands, and some have already begun.
Partnership for WellBEING is comprehensive in its various approaches. Whether one's problems are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or some combination of these, Dr. Sands helps us to restore balance and wholeness. And he gives us tools to use on our own between sessions. For example, the Tapping system is simple, but is miraculous in its effect. I have used it to quickly eliminate everything from temporary anxieties to lifelong emotional blocks.
Dr. Sands' training and experience in both traditional and Ayurvedic medicine have only heightened his natural abilities. David Sands is truly a gifted healer. I am a deeply grateful and happy Partner.

— KF

"I awaken feeling "beautiful." What is beautiful is the feeling of health, energy, and pleasure in living. I haven't felt this way in years! Yesterday, I jumped up and actually weeded and watered the garden. To go from having the act of getting out of bed being a struggle to getting up and into activity even before the day has officially begun is pretty amazing. Sleep and meditations feel deeper, I have more energy, and I am more clear-headed. I used the newfound energy to get some work done but I stayed up late doing it. That set me back. I was afraid I'd messed myself up, but I am feeling good again today after getting back on schedule! I am so relieved that after my overworking, the benefits are still with me. I especially liked David's advising me to choose what I wanted rather than what I thought I should choose. It's helped me make better use of this "new" me. I am so grateful for what we have accomplished together. I just hope it continues!


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