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A traditional Hawaiian process for creating harmony and peace.


Computers work by using integrated circuit boards. When we feel embattled, conflicted, blocked it's as though our circuits lack integration. Ho'oponopono enables anyone to learn and grow from the conflicts and challenges life inevitably presents. These conflicts may be external — familial or occupational conflicts — or internal — one's conflicting values, desires or goals. Ho'oponopono clears the energetic blocks to happiness created by these conflicts by taking a person through four fundamental steps of transformation:
1) Acceptance
2) Forgiveness
3) Love
4) Gratitude

The result is an integration of your energy that results in the disappearance of your conflicts. Problems, both internal and external, just vanish or resolve. Often, you can complete this process yourself, but for major challenges that collide with  memories and memes that block your happiness and WellBEING, you may need my assistance.

When I work with someone who holds some energy from a past experience (karma), I ask that they simply accept that this experience happened. If the person is aware of this energy, I may ask the person verbally. However, if they are unaware of this past experience, for example, if I find it while examining experiences from past lives, I may ask the soul of the person to accept that this experience happened. The person may remain unaware of this past life experience.

As the person (or their soul) reaches acceptance, I ask that they forgive themselves or the person who “caused” (brought) the experience. It may take some coaxing to overcome the bitterness (intense energy) they hold and truly forgive.

Forgiveness is essential, but still not the whole story. The person must also find love—unconditional love—and they must express genuine gratitude for having had the opportunity to learn and grow through the experience. Of course, the person must be honest and sincere at every step of the process in order to truly transform the energy of the experience.

I use Ho'oponopono along with other energetic, cognitive and emotional approaches to WellBEING. No matter which approaches I use, Ho'oponopono provides an overarching, integrating structure for processing impressions from past experiences and for resolving conflicts.

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