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Branches helps with passage through life’s transitions, with making decisions or with navigating uncharted waters.

Facing a decision and you don’t know which option to choose?


      Experiencing a huge change in your life circumstances?

Here’s the program to help you get centered and to find your direction.

In computer-speak, “Branches” are decision points or changes in pathways in computer programs. They represent the transitions in life that everyone faces: change of job, gain or loss of a significant person from your life, financial ups and downs, a move to a new location, or a decision point that requires a deep assessment of what’s right for you at that time. My “Branches” program employs any or all of the techniques I have for helping you handle the emotional ride while we assess the best direction in which to turn. Sometimes, when we ask Nature which way to go, Nature provides a direct answer.

We can meet one or more times to remove your worries, doubts and confusion, get you centered and find your true direction.

Goal One:  Remove the Fear that’s Paralyzing or Upsetting You

The resistance we have to change is based on fear — fear of what’s unfamiliar, of being alone in new circumstances, or even of just making a mistake.

This first step comprises a survey of what’s holding you back from making a decision or adjusting to new circumstances. We identify impressions from past experience that have produced limiting beliefs and attitudes and transform them into inspiring ideas that enhance your sense of WellBEING.

We will likely start by locating those fears within your body, greet them with acceptance and forgive them for their existence. In other words, we begin by acknowledging our fears without an attitude of resentment. In most cases, once our fears have been honestly recognized, they just melt away. Sometimes, however, we use specific techniques to produce a shift from fear to ease. It’s never hard to accomplish.

From a Client

"The sessions with Dr. Sands were deep, profound, very powerful and fun! I left feeling very good even after coming in a bit 'wound-up.' The bliss was wonderful! Thank you, thank you."—JS

Goal Two: Embrace Possibilities with a Full Sense of WellBEING

Replace unhappy thoughts and feelings with patterns that express your truest sense of Self.

In this step, we connect your deepest Self, the witness of experience, with possibilities and opportunities. With your fears abated, adjusting to transitions or making decisions becomes profoundly comfortable, even exciting. We have many tools available to us to check out your options and settle on a path that promotes your growth and WellBEING.

Goal 3: Manage the Big Stuff

Confronting Mortality (ours or other’s), Financial Peaks and Toughs (bankruptcy or winning the lottery), and Changing Relationships (starting a new one or ending an important one) constitute the biggest transitions in our lives.

Death: Let’s be honest, for most of us, death is a mystery that scares, even terrifies us. Fear of death comes from culturally-based ignorance. Knowledge and experience can help us accept death, and therefore prepare for it or adjust to it. Indeed, just talking honestly about it and our fear of it can go a long way toward accepting it.

Money: Financial ups and downs upset most of us profoundly. The emotions related to huge gains and losses can wreck lives, break up families, ruin business relationships and destroy businesses. Getting a grip in the face of financial challenges often requires assistance. We have the tools for replacing fear, shame and guilt (or their opposites: cockiness, pride and irresponsibility) with quiet confidence and objectivity so that we can ride the waves with equanimity.

Relationships: Ending a relationship with a significant person often is terribly painful. Starting up a relationship we hope will be "the one" can be exhilarating but also frightening, especially if we've had others that were painful or ended poorly. We can find a place of balance, where you are centered in your true Self, from which you can enjoy and grow in your new circumstances.

A 3-session program costs $250. For long-standing or deeply entrenched situations, additional sessions may be necessary.


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