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Optimize System Performance

Optimize System Performance uses a form of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and other techniques to develop the Emotional Intelligence needed to eliminate triggering and overcome limiting habits and beliefs for maximum productivity.

Here's the program to free yourself from emotional turmoil and limiting thinking and habits.

When you install new software on your computer, the installation program optimizes the new software so that it works well with your computer system. My "Optimize System Performance" program develops Emotional Intelligence by transforming "misinformation" — misguided attitudes and beliefs — that limit your freedom to respond effectively to situations. Transforming the misinformation allows your system to function normally so you experience WellBEING. Once you have learned EFT, you can use it yourself whenever you feel emotionally challenged. Typically, three sessions are needed.

Session One:  List and Clarify Your Issues

In order to cease blaming and complaining, we start by accepting reality and taking responsibility for our thinking, feeling and behavior.

In this first step, we list your issues, identify triggers to emotional turmoil and begin the process of learning to recognize that your problems are your reactivity to events rather than the external events that trigger your reactions. We'll employ whatever tools we need: FasterEFT (from Robert Smith), Non-Violent Communication (from Marshall Rosenberg and Miki Kashtan), Inner Relationship Focusing (from Ann Weiser Cornell and Gene Gendlin), The Option Method (from the work of Barry Kaufman and Bruce Di Marsico), The Work of Byron Katie and Ho'oponopono (from Ulrich Deprée). You will practice techniques for rapidly replacing negative attitudes and associations with positive ones.

From a Client

"The sessions with Dr. Sands were deep, profound, very powerful and fun! I left feeling very good even after coming in a bit 'wound-up.' The bliss was wonderful! Thank you, thank you.—JS

Session Two: Go Deeper into the Habits of Thinking, Feeling and Acting that Keep You from Living with a Full Sense of WellBEING.

We replace deep-seated unhappy patterns of reactivity with patterns that support WellBEING.

In this step, we continue to transform limiting beliefs and attitudes, and work to replace judging and blaming with acceptance and forgiveness. We check specifically for any beliefs that cause resistance to change. Clearing these is vitally important because if not cleared, they cause you to snap back into the familiar unhappy patterns that block you from experiencing a sense of WellBEING. We find the source of post-traumatic and other stress responses, blocks to creativity or productivity, eating and weight problems, shyness, fears, and even physical pain. You discover how easily you can gain Emotional Freedom and Emotional Intelligence.

Session Three: Create, Integrate and Stabilize New Patterns of Thinking, Feeling and Acting

We create new patterns and integrate them into your “system software.”

Chronic unhappiness is usually due to longstanding patterns of reactivity. We look for any remaining, often well hidden, longstanding patterns of thinking that destroy your sense of WellBEING. We replace these unhappy patterns with new patterns. We rejuvenate your attention so that life can be lived productively and joyfully. We can work remotely via Internet teleconferencing or telephone.

For problems resulting from severe emotional trauma, additional sessions will be necessary to help you discover who you are and how to function when you’re free of stress.

Together, let’s banish misery and embrace WellBEING.

A 3-session program costs $250. For long-standing issues, additional sessions will be necessary.


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