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Specific Approaches

David Sands offers the following energetic, cognitive and lifestyle approaches:
Energy-Field Work — for correcting the expression of the body’s inner intelligence
  • Everyone and every thing is in its essence just energy and intelligence organized as information

  • Blocks to the expression of this energy and intelligence may reside within or outside the body

  • Blocks may have developed from things we’ve done in this or in past lifetimes

  • Blocks function as expressions of our karma

  • Energy-field work rapidly clears blocks in one’s energy field and restores full expression of the body’s inner intelligence

  • Energy-field work can be done remotely—you don’t have to be present; we can connect by electronic media or even work “offline”

  • For a great start, participate in my REBOOT program — a 3-session energetic detoxification and rejuvenation program designed to clear toxic impressions that make you frazzled, upset or sick — for more information, click here

  • Modifying Planetary Influences: Study of astrology reveals how the planets denote trends and specific events in our lives. I have developed the ability to assess and soften the energetic influences of the planets, transforming them into energy that supports your WellBEING.

Pulse Reading — assessing the body’s state of balance
  • Reading one’s pulse provides direct access to the status of the body’s inner intelligence.

  • The pulse tells us what needs to be done and, after using approaches to create more natural, balanced expression of the body’s inner intelligence, the pulse reveals the progress that has been achieved.

  • Pulse reading takes very little time, so assessment can be achieved quickly.

  • Pulse reading gives the mind-body an experience of balanced functioning.

  • Must be done in-person (Iowa)

Nonviolent Communication — for speaking peacefully and creating connection with everyone
  • When we stop judging ourselves, we stop judging others

  • When we forgive ourselves for being who we are, we forgive others for being who they are

  • When we accept ourselves, we accept others

  • When we speak well of ourselves to ourselves, we speak well of others to others

  • When we care for ourselves, we care for others

  • When we empathize with ourselves, we empathize with others

Emotional Freedom Technique (aka EFT or Tapping) — to develop emotional freedom and emotional intelligence by quickly transforming attitudes, beliefs and impressions of past experience
  • EFT uses verbal statements (affirmations) while tapping on marma/acupressure points

  • Tapping on marma/acupressure points removes blocks to the flow of energy

  • EFT provides rapid and complete clearance of blocks and transformation of attitudes, beliefs and impressions of past experience so they no longer hinder our creativity or limit our happiness and WellBEING

  • EFT balances the emotions—increases emotional intelligence—so that our issues don’t interfere with our ability to deal with life’s challenges, large and small

  • We use an approach derived from Robert Smith’s FasterEFT because it is more effective than traditional EFT

  • EFT makes the other approaches to achieving balance more efficient

  • Clients learn how to use EFT for themselves, anytime, anywhere. Once learned, EFT will help keep your emotions balanced and your energy flowing naturally

Option Method — for making choices and decisions
  • Oftentimes ideas and beliefs, which may be subconscious, block our ability to experience WellBEING

  • Option Method makes us aware that we always have choices and hence freedom in every situation

  • Option helps us discover these ideas and beliefs, recognize them for the myths they are, and open us to accepting reality so we can deal with our life issues effectively and creatively

Lifestyle Approaches — diet, exercise, rest, stress management, purification
  • What we eat we become, so we use organic/non-GMO diet to create balance

  • Exercise nourishes the body and improves vitality and mental clarity

  • Sleep clears the mind and restores the body

  • Stress management maintains our natural ability to be healthy and happy

  • Physiological purification removes toxins and impurities from the body

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