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Special Services

Energy Field Work to...

Create a Protective Shield from Negative Influences of the Environment

  • Some people feel sensitive to environmental influences or the "negative" energy of others.

  • An energetic shield can protect one from such influences, allowing one to stay balanced, clear and focused.

  • An energetic shield is created in two steps: 1) clearing disturbances in one’s energy field, and 2) building the protective shield, which takes just a few minutes.

  • A shield can be recharged as needed.

Clear Negative Energy from a Building

  • Old buildings and buildings in which people have died tend to have heavy or disturbed energy, which is sometimes localized to specific areas within the building.

  • Removal of this heavy or disturbed energy makes a building feel lighter, less dense and more comfortable to be in.

  • The time required to clear a building varies considerably, depending on the nature of the disturbance and the length of time it has been present.

Drive Vermin From a Building

  • Termites, roaches, rodents and other vermin seek environments that are disturbed, dark or heavy. Vermin contribute to these disturbances in the energy of a building, making them even more intense.

  • Vermin are driven from a building as the energy is balanced, so the restoration of the building’s energy field is complete.

  • Some buildings require multiple clearing sessions to remove all the vermin and disturbed energy.

Fix Things

  • If something is broken, its energy field is disturbed.

  • If one is sick or injured, one's energy field is disturbed.

  • Working on the energetic level, the level of the intelligence that structures the person or thing, allows rapid restoration of normal structure or function.

Gem and Amulet Consultations

I will assess the effects of your gems and amulets by examining their effects on your arterial pulse and/or your energy field. NOTE: This can be done remotely.


  • People often wear gems and amulets for their protective and restorative effects, but often one cannot personally appreciate the effects.

  • Pulse reading and examination of your energy field provide direct assessment of the effects of gems and amulets on one's body.

  • I may be able to tell you where to wear your gems and amulets, and what combination of your gems works best for you.

  • This service is especially valuable when planning to buy a new gem or amulet, or when deciding which gems or amulets you own work best for you.

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