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Winter Health Recommendations

Winter health means promoting good health against the stress of winter weather. Prevention is better than cure, because it avoids suffering. We offer these tips for better health in the winter. STRESS: Avoid stressing yourself out. Avoid overwork, too many evenings out, TV “news” programs, political debates, sweating the small stuff. Manage stress with twice-daily practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, or other program for clearing stress and enhancing self-referral awareness to prevent a stress reaction to life’s challenges. REST: Adequate sleep is essential. Go to bed before 10PM. If sleep comes slowly or is interrupted, go to bed earlier, even by 9PM. DIET: Eat warm, nourishing food. Stewed fruit and nuts with cardamom or cinnamon, and some ghee makes an excellent breakfast. If you use a lot of calories in the morning, adding cooked cereal will provide enough calories to keep you going. For dinner, dal or soup, perhaps with a flat (unleavened) bread, provides nourishment without excessive heaviness. Include enough oil (ghee, olive oil, sunflower or safflower oils) to maintain the unction of the body and avoid dryness. Avoid cold foods and drinks. EXERCISE: Getting sufficient exercise maintains vitality. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from getting out. ENVIRONMENT: Keep the thermostat turned down. 68°–72°F is ideal. The bedroom can be even colder. The cooler environment increases the body’s metabolism so that you tolerate cold much better. Wear just enough clothing to stay warm. From David Sands’ Presentation and Group Clearing® December 15, 2015

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