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A Veteran Helps a Fallen Soldier

Vietnam War Memorial Traveling Wall

I love this work. Often, it benefits more than just my client. I can work with family members, friends, acquaintances and, as this story shows, even strangers.

A client who was a Vietnam War veteran visited the traveling Memorial Wall. Some weeks later, a healer told him that he saw a soldier seeking my client's help, but the healer couldn't identify the soldier.

During one of our sessions, I saw a wounded soldier. He was dying slowly, alone in the darkness of night in the jungle. He was thinking about his girl back home. There had been some difficulty in their relationship. The soldier — remember that this incident happened about 45 years previously — still wanted his girlfriend to know that he loved her and was sorry about their quarrel and resulting emotional distance when he shipped out to Vietnam.

From my comfortable seat in my office, I located the energy (spirit) of the girlfriend. She too felt unresolved about the soldier's dying while their relationship wasn't at peace. Though she had moved on, married and raised a family, this lack of resolution remained with her even today. I shared with her soul that her wartime love wanted resolution, that he wanted her to know that he truly loved her. She accepted this reassurance and told me that she had truly loved him too. I conveyed this to his soul, reassuring him that she loved him even to this day. With this sharing, both souls moved on.

My client may not have actually known this soldier, or at least had not known him in Vietnam. He might have merely read his name on the Memorial Wall. In any case, this soldier had sensed that my client could help him find peace and stayed with my client for more than a month, until he found resolution during my session with him. Now, both the soldier and his true love are at peace. His soul has finally crossed over and my client has fulfilled his duty to a fellow soldier.

This is indeed good work.

When souls are unfulfilled or unresolved at death, they may attach themselves to physical objects or living persons out of desperation. In my experience, they don't know what they are doing or why. However, they definitely have a need and quickly reveal it to me when they tell me their story. In the story above, the soul of the fallen soldier attached itself to my client because my client carried a powerful bond to his Vietnam War experience, which was enlivened by visiting the Memorial Wall traveling exhibit.

My role in this story was twofold. First, I was able to contact soul of the fallen soldier and learn, through his telling me his story, what he needed in order release his attachment to his earthly life and cross over. Second, I was able to serve as a conveyor of information between the soldier and his girlfriend. In this case, that was easily accomplished. That's not always the case though. In cases of betrayal, I have had to do a lot of counseling before parties accepted what happened and offered forgiveness. In such cases, I have done energy work with the parties involved to relieve their physical and emotional pain. Some cases have involved past lives and ancestors. It doesn't matter when events occurred — we work with the energy that is lively now.

Yes, this is indeed good work.

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