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Placebo? Who Cares?

The placebo effect is interesting because it means that if one believes that a treatment will bring improvement, the belief itself will produce changes that benefit the person. To put that more personally, if you believe in my work, it will probably help you. However, it often helps even if a person doesn't believe in what I do or experience anything while we’re working together. It works even if a person is unaware that I'm doing it, for example, when a parent asks that I work on their child who is not attending the session.

Who cares if what I do creates a placebo effect as long as it works? I'm being only partly facetious. I sit here in Fairfield and think of you, and your stuff improves. Was it because I actually did something or because you believed that my attention changes stuff? Does it matter? Not really.

I believe my work helps because I see changes in people’s energy field and because people report improvement. To me, it definitely is real. When we ask, “Is it real or do we just imagine it?” the answer depends on what you or I believe "real" is and what you or I believe "imagination" is. The line between the two gets very blurry in practice, but this is not a problem. It's my attention and intention, along with specific energetic techniques, that facilitate changes. In truth, I don't “do” anything. Nature, the Intelligence of the universe, does all the “work.” That is, Nature's Intelligence produces all the changes and I just get to watch it happen. Thus, the work seems imaginary. However, the results are very real.

As a person with a "scientific" mind, I find it very satisfying to study the science of metaphysics and develop understanding of how the many different systems of metaphysics relate. I can do my work, shifting from one modality to another, with an understanding of common principles guiding what I do with my attention and imagination. When I work, I "see" the state of people’s energy fields and the effects, the changes in people's energy, that result from my attending with intention. My clients usually don't see the changes in their energy, but they do experience improvement in their mental/emotional/physical experience, sometimes days after our sessions, meaning that effects occur even when I no longer have my conscious attention on someone. Stuff changes. That's all that matters.

My work happens at the subtlest level of existence, on the quantum level. It's really quite fun playing at that level. The word "playing" is not unprofessional in this context. There definitely is a playful quality in doing this work in the way that I do it, which is based mainly on Matrix Energetics®. The creator of Matrix Energetics, Richard Bartlett and his partner Melissa Joy use the word “play” frequently. I like doing it this way because it is fun and rather magical. Besides, observing people’s fields and watching changes take place, rather than using my own energy to affect changes, keeps me from taking on the stress of clients' conditions. I have fun; people get better; everyone is happy.

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