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Creating Peace on the Level of BEING

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught us a simple way to creat peace: the Transcendental Meditation® technique. By practicing TM, we create peace within ourselves and radiate peace to the environment. Large numbers of people practicing TM and the advanced TM-Sidhi program create demonstrable harmony in the environment, especially when gathered together in sizeable groups.

Clearly, peaceful people create a peaceful society. When we look deeper into how this happens, we find that people who experience the subtlest level of their existence — BEING — radiate coherent energy to their environment. Their coherence influences those around them, creating peace in the community. Scientific research has shown that when large groups of people have the experience of BEING, the coherence-creating effect is even more powerful.

The influence of this radiating coherence is measured by a decrease in negative tendencies in society and an increase in positive tendencies. Negative tendencies include crime, violence, aggression, poor economic conditions, nonphysical conflict, accidents and illnesses. Positive tendencies include the opposite of these negative tendencies plus evidence of cooperation and collaboration. One way of getting a sense of changing trends is simply to monitor what is reported in newspapers and other media. To be accurate, the reporting should be unbiased. One can count the number of stories describing positive and negative events over a period of time before, during and after an assembly of large numbers of people practicing the TM and TM-Sidhis programs, or other meditation program. Of course, "hard" data on crime, hospital admissions, accidents and violence provide more convincing evidence of the effect of coherence created by a group of people just meditating.

Because BEING is the most fundamental level of existence, creating peace at this level has the most profound effects, as compared with working at expressed (manifest) levels of existence. For example, a group of 1000 people meditating together has a greater effect than 1000 people participating in a demonstration, and carries essentially no chance of a violent confrontation.

My energy work for individuals in consultations or for a group of people during a Group Clearing® webinar functions on all four levels of existence: BEING, subtlest manifestation, speech and action. The greatest effect is produced by clearing energy "tangles" that block the experience of BEING. The coherence of the group attending the webinar supports my work and facilitates rapid transformation of these energy tangles, opening the way for clearer experience of BEING and radiance of coherent energy to the environment.

You can find information on our next webinar, which will be held on the evening of Tuesday, August 9th, on the EVENTS page of this website. You'll also find a link to register for the webinar. If you will be in Fairfield, IA on the 9th, you can attend in person, but please register regardless of whether you will attend in person or via Internet or phone.

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