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Creating Peace on the Level of Subtlest Manifestation

Ihaleakala Hew Len popularized the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono for resolving inner and outer conflict through a four-step process that transforms one's energy from conflict to harmony at the subtlest level of manifestation of BEING into the material universe. Dr. Hew Len is famous for having transformed the mental states of each of 28 psychopathic prisoners, emptying the ward, without ever having met any of the prisoners.

Ho'oponopono appears to work on one's attitude or mood, but Dr. Hew Len's work makes it clear that the transformation takes place in one's energy. By transforming one's energy, one transforms the energy of others. The basic principle is: "That which is inside is outside." Using Ho'oponopono, one transforms within oneself whatever one wants to transform outside. Thus, to create peace, one transforms whatever conflict exists outside by identifying and transforming whatever conflict exists within oneself.

For example, suppose your brother and his wife are in conflict over buying a house. The wife wants a larger house to fulfill her need for space. Your brother, on the other hand, wants a smaller, more economical house to fulfill his need for financial security. On the surface, this conflict appears resolvable because the needs are in conflict. Both parties are anguishing because each knows that if they give in, they will feel discomfort about their situation and resentment for having caved.

To help your family using Ho'oponopono, you simply sit quietly, alone. Your family doesn't have to be present or even know that you want to help them. You repeat and connect with the feeling of the following four statements: "I'm sorry. Please forgive me (for disagreeing). I love you (unconditionally). Thank you (for this opportunity to connect with you and to grow our relationship)." As you repeat these four statements, you sink deeper and deeper into the feeling of each, and into a state of oneness of BEING, the simplest state of your existence. You keep repeating these statements until you feel completely peaceful, without any conflict. You allow this peace state to "soak in," to permeate your entire existence. Then, when you feel ready, you open your eyes and return to your activities. Don't be surprised if you learn shortly thereafter that your brother and sister-in-law have made a mutually-acceptable decision about buying their house.

My energy work for individuals in consultations or for a group of people during a Group Clearing® webinar functions on all four levels of existence: BEING, subtlest manifestation, speech and action. The greatest effect is produced by clearing energy "tangles" that block the experience of BEING. The coherence of the group attending the webinar supports my work and facilitates rapid transformation of these energy tangles, opening the way for clearer experience of BEING and radiance of coherent energy to the environment.

You can find information on our next webinar, which will be held on the evening of Tuesday, August 9th, on the EVENTS page of this website. You'll also find a link to register for the webinar. If you will be in Fairfield, IA on the 9th, you can attend in person, but please register regardless of whether you will attend in person or via Internet or phone.

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