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Resolving One Energy Tangle Clears Many

I just had a different sort of experience while working with a client. Normally, when working with a client, my attention goes to an energy "tangle," remains there until the tangle is cleared, then moves on to another tangle. "Tangle" is a good word for describing how disturbances in someone's energy field appear to me. There can be many specific features, but "tangle" encompasses all of them. Typically, I attend to three to six tangles in a session, sometimes even more. Energy tangles may originate from events in the current lifetime, from past lives or from familial inheritance. Where they came from doesn't matter so much. We deal with what shows up in the present moment because the present is all that there is. The past is present in that it appears now as energy influencing someone's life. The future is potentiality based on the present, so we can use that energy in the same way, in the present moment.

My attention went to a sensation of anguish in my client's heart that came from the loss of a loved one in the second past life. It took only a few minutes to resolve this feeling using some of the strategies I know for transforming trauma. That's a fairly typical experience. Resolving even terrible trauma usually takes only minutes because I'm working at the level of the energy that underlies the emotional and physical manifestations of the trauma. It was what happened next that was different.

A feeling of intense bliss replaced the feeling of anguish. This feeling persisted and held my attention for about a half hour. The bliss permeated other energy tangles within my client's field, gradually unfolding them and restoring their normal functioning without my doing anything other than holding the bliss in my awareness. I had never before had a positive feeling produce such an enormous effect on damaged portions of a person's energy field. I found it very gratifying to watch this happen.

My client responded to this wonderful process of transformation with spontaneous laughter and an all-pervading sense of inner peace. I took this as confirmation that a profound transformation had taken place, freeing my client of this emotional burden from a past life, and opening my client's energy for living and working without restriction.

Part of the beauty of the work I do is being surprised by what shows up. I do this work without expectations, as holding expectations would be limiting. I just "look" to see what's there and then deal with that, using any of the techniques or strategies that I or anyone else knows. Hm, that probably requires some explanation. It means that if I don't know how to help with a problem, I can access knowledge in any field to resolve the problem. This allows me to help almost anyone with just about anything.

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