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Another example of liberated energy clearing other tangles.

I have another example of clearing an energy tangle that resulted in fresh energy clearing other tangles.

The client was located half a continent away, so we connected via a videoconferencing system. I can work at a distance because, from my perspective, their energy pattern localized right in front of me. Thus, when doing energy work, engaging with clients who are not physically present with me is no different than working with those who are in the room.

I found the tangle situated far below where my client was seated. I created a tunnel down to the tangle so I could observe and work with it. After some time, I was able to lift the tangle up into my client's body. The tangle unfolded and light shone in all directions from its core. A tremendous feeling of bliss permeated the field.

I sat with this light, watching it clear smaller tangles from my client's field. Everything transformed automatically. I needed only to observe the process.

In the end, energy moved freely through my client's system and Divine guidance flowed in through the 7th chakra. I cautioned my client that with all this new energy, they might feel inclined to stay up late and not get enough rest. The importance of adequate rest cannot be emphasized enough, especially while huge transformations take place.

My client described being in a deeply restful but alert state throughout the session. Clients often have this experience while we work because we work at the level where the field vibrates to create mind and body. This restful-alertness carries through when they resume their daily schedule, resulting in greater ease and less strain. My client actually slept better following our session, indicating less mental turmoil and deeper physical relaxation continuing from our session.

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